Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Black Cat Crossing

Welcome to my stop in the
Black Cat Crossing Blog Hop
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Everyone is welcome to visit.
It's really not haunted.

Except maybe this spider....

The black cat family is arriving to make this house a home.

Add a little furniture

and a house becomes a home

The fabric in the house and furniture is Maywood Studio Black Cat Crossing.

The house was made with a few modifications from McCall's pattern 8346 from the year 1982.

Thank you Madame Samm and Wendy for this wicked hop!

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Sorry for the short post.
The wedding last weekend ( see below) has me in overdrive...

Monday, October 20, 2014


The wedding was beautiful
she is so happy.

But, her mother is exhausted.
I'll be back with more details sooon.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Joy from Sweden

Once in awhile a day comes along that just

I could give you a list of everything that went right today,
the best was this:

Photo courtesy of Hill Valley Quilter

I received an e-mail awhile back from Britt-Inger over at Hill Valley Quilter 
showing her version of my can-can dancer template
on a party purse.

Her quilt guild was having an exhibition and she made the purse as part of a challenge.

She showed it today on her blog (Click here to read all about it)
it really made my day.

I just love her little party purse.

It's so fun to see something I thought up in my head used by someone else so beautifully.

I think I like Britt-Inger's Can Can dancer best
I've made a few...

Thank you, Britt-Inger,
we may be across the globe from each other
but you were able to bring sunshine into my day.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Rush Hour - Going the Distance

Welcome to Rush Hour in the sticks.

This is my stop in the 
blog hop.

Studio E Fabrics has a new line of fabric called "Rush Hour"
and have kindly sponsored this blog hop.

The projects in this hop are all

have something to do with the theme 


Let me tell you about my Rush Hour in 4 words:

"On the road, again..."

One hour from home to work.
No way to make it faster.
(Trust me)
But always feeling rushed.
Nothing but highway for 2 hours per day.
That's me "Going the Distance"
I set the cruise and go.

Now what did I create to make this rush hour better?

Have you ever listened to books on CD in your car?
I DO!!
It sure makes the trip go faster, but when it's time to change to the next CD, 
those little papers the disks come in are about impossible to fumble with.

The answer:  A CD holder for my visor.

You can find the basic pattern for your own CD holder HERE.
I added the coffee cup paper pieced block.
If coffee is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Elastic on the back holds it right in place.

Now, when the book is at the climax and I have to change the CD
I won't have to fumble though the box and paper holders for the next one.

I'm sure the other drivers on the highway will appreciate that...

I'm always carrying multiple bags to work to carry my lap top, lunch, hand sewing (for breaks), and any thing else I might need.  I made one BIG bag to carry everything in ONE.

Do you see the windmills in the background?  

No one will be able to claim this bag but me.  :)

My car with me inside and appliqued on a BIG pocket for the front of the quilted bag.

Do you recognize me?
(blog header me)

Coffee and my bag and I'm off...
"Life is a Highway"
here in my car.
 the distance,
going for speed
I can't drive 55!!

That's right, I drive one of those little boxy cars.  

I'm no "Mustang Sally".
You surely didn't think of me in a
 "Mercedes Benz" 
or a
 "Little Red Corvette"
or a
 "Little Deuce Coupe" 
or a
"Pink Cadillac"
did you?
(Wow, do you know how many songs are about cars?)

The following blogs are sharing Rush Hour today.

Please shower them like a "Car Wash" with comment love!

Monday, September 29
Coeur d'Alene (moved from the 26th)

(A lot of songs were butchered in this post)

Thank you, Madame Samm for this great sew and tell you have created, your encouragement, your gentle push to be better,
for my artwork inspiration.

Thank you, Carol for all the cheer leading and continually inspiring me to be a better quilter and blogger.

Away I go to share the highway with cattle trucks and cars in a RUSH to somewhere.
When I pull up beside them, they don't know what I'm listening to...wink.